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Chase Wilson Roeper helps both children and adults overcome difficulty in learning to read, spell, use vocabulary, understand history and more.
Because of you, I've learned to read and found out that books take me on adventures!

Currrent student.
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Our son was enrolled in a private school that was unable to address his reading/writing difficulties. He had been with other tutors over the years, but with little success. With the help of Chase Wilson Roeper he was able to make a big jump in his reading level. We are so grateful for all the help he received. Now he is currently enrolled at a public high school, where he is using the skills learnt from time spent with Chase and we are the proud parents of an honor roll student! Thanks Chase!

Mother of a student.
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Chase Roeper has provided tutoring to Wilton students at the library for the convenience of the students. She is a great communicator with the library regarding the needs of her students, and a gentle presence in our space. I am impressed with the care she takes in finding interesting and appropriate books for her students. Ms. Roeper guides her students with encouragement and dedication. We are happy to see the progress of her students.

Wilton Public and Gregg Free Library
Wilton, NH.
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Chase Roeper's caring work with our son set the stage for the success he has achieved in school so far!

Our son was diagnosed with a sensory disorder. He was over-sensitive to external inputs. When people around him were talking, his perception was that they were yelling. He was unable to concentrate on anything else during class. When a child would accidentally bump into him, his perception was that they hit, shoved or punched him, which always made him hyper-vigilant. Due to these issues, it was difficult for him to keep up with his class because he was always distracted, which led to undue stress. His private-school teacher suggested he spend time with a tutor to work on reading and spelling skills to help him catch up. They put us in touch with Chase Roeper.

Chase uses a complex, multi-sensory approach to help students decode words and read. From the first month we noticed a dramatic improvement in how much more comfortable and confident he was when reading to us. Our son worked with Chase multiple times a week for a full year and looked forward to every session.

As a direct result he took more interest in reading and writing on his own. He became fascinated with MadLibs and began reading Rick Riordan novels, a fantasy series loosely based on Greek Mythology. 

Our son then transferred to the local public school but found tutoring uninteresting. While Chase would tailor lessons to a specific child, the new program did not hold his attention.

That same year my son’s teacher asked if we spent a much time coaching in spelling. I admitted we did no extra work beyond helping explain homework he didn’t understand. She confided that he was one of the most accurate spellers in her class. I attribute this skill to the work Chase did with our son!

 Our son has now moved into the accelerated program and is consistently on the honor roll.

 If you’re looking for a caring and intelligent reading coach or subject tutor for your child, look no further than Chase Roeper!

Mother of a student

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